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9 Ways Eaco Software helps Franchises grow your Trades & Home Services Franchise Group

1 → We cut software costs by 50%

We know that you should never lead with price, however Eaco did come in at half the price of the Franchise Management Software that our existing Franchise Clients were using previously. When you see that Eaco can provide much more, for significantly less cost, it's always worth picking up the phone and having a chat with Eaco to see how you can save money and increase profits as well.

2 → Onboarding Franchisees made Easy

Eaco provides a single cloud-based platform for all interactions between the Franchise Group and the Franchisees. As each Franchisee is onboarded to this platform, the Franchise Group has access to a variety of online tools to streamline this process and provide a better service to its franchisees.

This includes:

3 → Generating & Distributing Job Leads made Easy

This is one of Eaco’s most unique features, and presents a genuine game changer for how Franchises can now generate and distribute work opportunities that are specifically targeted to each of your Franchisees.

Firstly, you profile each of your franchisees for the exact territory that they have purchased, as well as and services that they have licensed from you. Each profile is displayed visually on a map for you and your franchisee to see.

Amazingly, you can also make an unlimited number of “secondary” profiles that usually cover neighbouring territories that have not yet been sold, but need to be serviced. these can clearly be identified as special territories for your Franchise purpose. Territories are easily amended and edits as territories change.

Secondly, and here is where the magic happens, the Eaco system automatically matches and distribute all job opportunities automatically with your franchisees. Your franchisees receive job notifications via SMS or Email and can view the job details of each opportunity online via their own mobile website & job management portal.

When we say all job opportunities, we really mean it. Currently, opportunities are being generated, matched and distributed to franchisees from a huge variety of sources including:

4 → Maximising your Marketing Dollar

There is nothing more frustrating than generating a quality lead for your Franchise Group only to find that (a) your local franchisee is over capacity, or (b) you don’t have any matching franchisees available. Eaco can help with that.

Eaco’s unique “Job Swap” technology enables you to swap a lead that doesn’t match a franchisee for a lead that does match one of your franchisees. This has the impact of dramatically cutting your effective cost per lead, as well as simultaneously increasing the number of leads that you generate for your franchisees.

Secondly, using Eaco you can collate and export all of the customer data that you have collected from your various lead generation sources. This enables you to remarket to your rapidly growing customer database through emails, newsletters, postcards, mail campaigns, etc.

5 → Extra bang for buck for your Franchisees

The Eaco System provides your Franchisees with extra tools to help them run their businesses. Not only can they accept job opportunities generated by your Franchise Group, they can use their own personal tools to add their own jobs to the system, track those jobs, and add quotes and invoices against each of those jobs.

6 → Compliance Management made Easy

Most Franchise Groups make core promises to consumers about the quality of their Franchisees. Eaco can help you ensure that each of your Franchisees is living up to those promises.

The built in Compliance Management system can help you ensure that each of your Franchisees is properly insured, licensed, police checked, trained, or any other promise that you have made to the market.

7 → Commercial Work made Easy

A phenomenal opportunity for Franchise Groups is Commercial Work. Franchisees love Commercial Work as it is real work, that can provide a consistent revenue stream. It helps Franchise Groups endear themselves to Franchisees and lock them in long-term.

The problem, however, is that the workflow of Commercial Work is often very different to standard work. It often involves the capture and distribution of Work Orders, Completion Certificates, Commercial Invoices, On-Sell Invoices and the provision of Job Tracking tools to Commercial Clients.

Eaco helps Franchisees seamlessly integrate Commercial Work into your Franchise Group.

8 → Automating Admin Tasks

Eaco is founded on the principle of efficiency. It is technology designed to:

This has the effect of dramatically reducing the amount of time that staff spend on boring and repetitive tasks, and cutting the time spent talking to others on the phone significantly. This results in a more efficient, and more profitable business.

9 → Management Transparency, Reporting & Insights

Nothing better than knowing exactly how much value you are providing to your Franchisees. With Eaco you gain deep insights into how much work has been generated and distributed to each Franchisee. This helps you have deep and meaningful discussions with each of your Franchisees, as well as identify hotspots where your Franchise Group either needs more Franchisees or more work for existing Franchisees.

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What is Eaco?

It's best to give us a call to get a comprehensive understanding of exactly what Eaco is, and what it can do for you. In short it is a Job Capture and Distribution system that is very well suited to Trades & Services based Franchise Groups. Call Eaco today on 1300 739 814 to find out more.